Collaboration without chaos.

PagePine is a new way of managing and collaborating on documents.

Instead of having everyone work on one large document, PagePine documents are made of smaller sections, naturally giving rise to structure and organisation.

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Always tidy.

Documents are split into bits that can be edited individually, rearranged, shared, and more.
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All in one place.

Have everything about your projects documented, organized, and easily accessible in one place.
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Comment, react (emojis!), reply, vote, whathaveyou - all on each part of the document!

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Easily collaborate with your team, and have everything backed up in real-time to the cloud.
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Secure inside & out.

In addition to enhanced security, access control is a breeze. Decide who does or sees what effortlessly.
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No lock-in.

Move your data and users to & from other platforms easily. Backup your data offline simply as text.

Organic discussion. Harmonious collaboration.

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Pricing: flat fees for everyone.

Class* Flat fee (monthly)
Individuals $0 (free)
Individuals PRO $4.99
Small teams (2-50) PRO $10 — $50
Larger teams (50+) PRO
* Students, Nonprofits, and FOSS are eligible for reduced or no fees.